Owner, Nancy McGalliard

I am a Houstonian and lived in Huntsville in the ‘70’s.  In 2016 I moved back here to be with family. I love this beautiful, piney-woods town and call it home.

Fortunately, my life involved travel and exhibiting art in different cities around the USA, in Mexico, and in London, England.

For many years I have been working for and owning art galleries.  I love to show art and collaborate with artists being an artist myself.  I received my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from University of Guanajuato through the Instituto de Arte located in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

From 2010 until 2015 I taught at the Art Institute of San Antonio.  My classes were Anatomy, Advanced Drawing, Fashion Drawing & Illustration, and the basics of Design, Color, and Perspective.

I love teaching and look forward to doing workshops as well as having private students.

I am thrilled to be opening Lucky Bat Studio in Huntsville and am looking forward to connecting to local artists, meeting art lovers, and collaborating on projects in the community.

To see more of my artwork, go to www.nancymcgalliard.com

About Lucky Bat Studio

My passion has always been in showing art.  Talking about art.  Making art.

What is the function of art? To entertain, to educate, to record history, to celebrate Beauty, to persuade, to unfurl the imagination, to stir activism, and to comment on the human condition. That’s a lot. Art is very powerful.

I believe art changes for the artist by the viewer’s part in it. New perspective is gained through exhibiting in the public eye, divorced from the comfort of the artist’s studio or home. Audiences may find different meanings and surprising pleasures beyond what the artist could have planned.

Selling artwork will be an important function of Lucky Bat Studio, inspiring our community to collect and support the arts.  Space will be created for local artists to show their work as well as one-person shows and events.

Artwork by Nancy McGalliard
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